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SAS Company with a capital of €1,000

RCS CAYENNE TMC 833 239 163 

Extract from the articles of association:


The Company's purpose in France and abroad is to

  • Expertise and advice in safety, environment and all technical fields,
  • Project management and file preparation, on behalf of its clients (risky activities), in order to obtain operating authorizations,
  • Supporting its clients (risky activities) in the context of monitoring the applicable regulations and carrying out the administrative procedures resulting from them,
  • The realization of plans for shooting and blasting and demolition with explosives (for civil use), in massive rock quarries and on public works sites, as well as the implementation of explosive products,
  • All ancillary, related or complementary activities designed to promote the Company's development,
  • The Company's participation, by any means, directly or indirectly, in any transactions that may relate to its purpose by way of the creation of new companies, the contribution, subscription or purchase of securities or corporate rights, mergers or otherwise, the creation, acquisition, leasing, leasing or management of any business or establishments,
  • And generally, any commercial, financial, civil, movable or immovable transactions that contribute to the achievement of the corporate purpose."

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